Driving Safety Bumper Stickers

If you drive for a living, or have a business with fleet vehicles, you may already recognize the commonly seen “How’s My Driving” or “Tell Us About Our Driving” black and yellow bumper stickers. For decades now, these little stickers and service providers have helped to prevent collisions and save lives. They have also saved many business owners time and money by avoiding the events that result in visits to body shops and traffic court.

The newest company in the industry http://tellusaboutourdriving.com/ provides a new take on the service- the use of internet technology to allow drivers to access a user-friendly web site and submit detailed driving reports that are delivered electronically to subscribers email inbox or SMS device.

By using a simpler and easy to remember web address http://tellusaboutourdriving.com/ TellUsAboutOurDriving.com also uses only three digit vehicle codes that allow easy recall and none of the fumbling around in your car to write down a long phone or fleet number. With internet technology, Tell Us About Our Driving discourages cellphone use while driving (which is illegal in many states) and eliminates a human operator who may not transcribe the event safety report correctly or accurately.

Once only available to fleets. now individual owners, as well as to families of teen and elderly drivers can participate and benefit from the Tell Us About Our Driving safety program. The program is available in the U.S and Canada.

With subscriptions that cost fleet owners as little as $5 per year, TellUsAboutOurDriving.com makes safety affordable and reporting on dangerous driving easier than ever.

For more info, please see http://tellusaboutourdriving.com/