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How’s My Driving Bumper Stickers- Pennies of Prevention Can SAVE LIVES

If you are involved in any number of transportation related industries, you may already be familiar with the commonly seen “How’s Our Driving” or “Tell Us About Our Driving” bumper stickers. For years, these stickers and services have helped to prevent accidents and saved business owners money by lowering vehicle speed, saving gas abd avoiding the dreaded insurance adjustor, body shop or traffic court visit.

One of the newer companies in the field provides a new twist on the service- the use of web technology to allow motorists to access a user friendly website and fill out detailed driving reports that are delivered directly to a subscribers email inbox or SMS text messaging capable cellular device.

By using a simple and easy to remember web URL also uses simple 3 character vehicle codes that allows easy recollection. By using internet technology, Tell Us About Our Driving also prevents cellphone use and cuts out the “middle man” of having a human operator who may misinterpret or misquote relayed secondary information.

Not only available to fleets but individual owners, as well as to families of teen and elderly drivers who may need a little extra attention as their driving skills may be novice or diminished.

With plans that cost fleet operators as low as $5 per year, makes safety affordable and reporting on unsafe driving easier than ever.

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